The largest electrically heated autoclave of its type in the UK. 

Edwin snowden & Co Ltd completed the manufacture of the largest autoclave ever built at their Hull site. The 18m long autoclave has an internal diameter of 1.2m and is fabricated in carbon steel, it is electrically heated and fitted with an internal circulation fan. The autoclave is designed to operate at up to 160 degree C and 8 bar, and incorpoates an internal loading track and trolley. The control system is computer control and can follow the customers pre-set temperature, pressure and time profile, or the parameters can be adjusted during the cycle. The autoclave will be used to produce products for the oil industry. The vessel was manufactured in accordance with PD5500 : 2012 and the Pressure Equipment Directive.

Carbon steel autoclave for the curing of rubber encased drill pipes.

Capacity 6 off x 150mm Diameter x 13mtr long drill pipes.

Horizontal track & carriage loading with manual door locking system.

Technical Aspects

  • 160KW Internal heating elements contained in air circulation ducting
  • Temperature 0°c to 160°c
  • Pressure 8 bar(g)
  • Internally insulated & clad in stainless steel.
  • PC based Programmable Logic Control System 
  • incorporating SCADA control and touch screen interface