Stainless steel pressure and vacuum autoclave

This stainless steel Autoclave is capable of operating at a pressure of up to 6 bar gauge and down to a vacuum of 0.002 mbar absolute. It is fitted with electrical heating elements to maintain a maximum operating temperature of 80 degrees C and is externally insulated and clad. The Autoclave has been supplied with a programmable computer controlled SCADA system and access platform. The Autoclave has view ports in the lid and an internal lighting system, to enable the curing process to be viewed at all times. The lid and locking ring are hydraulically operated and the lid can be opened to the vertical position to allow loading and unloading of the Autoclave by an overhead crane . The working space inside the Autoclave is 2200mm diameter x 1900mm high. The Autoclave will be used in the manufacture of large super cooled magnetic coils. Top loading design includes hydraulically operated door

128KW external heating (during pressure phase)

Technical Aspects

  • Temperature 0°c to 100°c
  • Pressure 6.6 bar(g)
  • Vacuum 2.6 x 10-3m bar(g)
  • Design Leakage 4 x 10-9m bar l/sec
  • Internal load Ohmic heating through magnet coils
  • Externally insulated & clad
  • PC based ‘Programmable Logic Control System’ 
  • incorporating SCARDA control & touch screen interface