Hotwell tanks provide the facility to regulate the temperature of water fed to the boiler. Cold water may cause thermal shock and structural damage to the boiler, whilst water which is too hot causes damage to the feed pump, leading to a loss of production which could prove costly to your business.

Hotwell tanks can be fabricated between 0.5 cubic metres and 60 cubic metres in either stainless steel or carbon steel. The tanks are stiffened and include all necessary manways and nozzles with either flanged or threaded connections. If required, insulation material can be fitted such as Rockwool with cladding in either aluminium, stainless steel or GRP, as well as the availability of a full range of linings to suit each product which can be completed on site.

Hotwells can be controlled manually or automatically. Once fabricated, engineers will transport and install the hotwell to the customers Site.

Feedwater Tanks

Feed water tanks receive condensate return from the steam boilers and make up water. Water must be kept at a high enough temperature to minimise the content of dissolved oxygen and other gases. Heating feed water reduces oxygen and chemicals which can corrode the boiler by up to 70% as well as reducing blowdown requirements and thus increasing efficiency further.

Available from 2 to 60 tonnes, plus installation, as well as bespoke customer designs.


Mixing Units, Connections, Immersion Tubes and Feedtank Connections also available. Ask for sizes and prices.

Skilled welders & fabricators are coded to ASME IX and BS EN standards and hold all relevant health and safety certifications.