Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are one of Snowden’s specialised areas of fabrication and incorporates vessels of all types including vacuum vessels, air receivers, autoclaves and heat exchangers and economisers. Using carbon and stainless steel materials and exotic alloys, our skilled team design and manufacture bespoke pressure vessels to the client’s specification. We produce pressure vessels and vacuum vessels which are used for both offshore and onshore applications.

We use the latest techniques, materials, design codes and skills to produce products of the highest quality, with the capability to produce up to 60 cubic metres and 25 tonnes, with pressure vessel ratings up to 100 bar. Wall thickness are from 25mm carbon steel and to 12mm for stainless steel and can be finished using galvanizing, epoxy, resin, specific colours & other finishes etc. Once complete, all pressure vessels are rigorously tested as required. We are proficient in testing hydraulic, radiographic, magnetic particle and dye penetration vessels.

The types of pressure vessel we manufacture include - Process Vessels, Filter Housings, Surge Tanks, Heat Exchangers and Housings, Air Receivers, Hyperbaric Chambers, Diving Chambers and Systems, Evaporators, Condensers, Steam Accumulators, Deaertors, Calorifiers, Autoclaves, Separators, Test Equipment & Reactor Vessels.

Air Receivers

We manufacture air receivers ranging from 50 to 5000 litre and including inlet and outlet connections, as well as valves and pressure gauges. Air receivers are manufactured to a number of design codes and up to 250 bar G working pressure. We also have the experience and expertise to manufacture custom built sizes, built to your exact requirements.

Everything is made to Internationally recognised standards, including ASME VIII and PD5500 2012 standards and manufactured in line with Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and a declaration of conformity to European CE mark.

Skilled welders & fabricators are coded to ASME IX and BS EN standards and hold all relevant health and safety certifications.