Stairways, Ladders, Gantries, Platforms & Safety Barrier Systems.

Utilising modular components, we provide a bespoke and adaptable access and safety barrier systems that conform to BS 7818. The adaptability of our systems allows us to provide simple and sturdy protection for a wide range of applications, including, platforms, walkways, staircases (inclined or spiral), flooring, guardrails, hand railing, parapets, ramps, stairwells and access ladders.

Guardrail fittings are made from malleable iron castings and can be painted or galvanised to BS 729. Fittings are certified for strength, manufacturing quality and consistency. The open steel flooring infill system consists of panels, plain, galvanised or colour coated, normally 25mm x 5mm flat bar x 41mm pitch and welded onto 6mm diameter rods x 50mm pitch which complies with BS 5395-3.

We utilise a Hilti Powder-actuated tool DX 460-GR Automatic Grating Tool System to secure open floor panels and ensure fast and reliable assembly on site. We also offer the secure fixing of flooring panels on your site as a stand-alone service, costed per fixing.

Our bespoke and adaptable systems can be used with absolute confidence as we monitor all new safety standards and directives to ensure systems and fittings meet the latest criteria.