Storage Tanks, Feed Water Tanks, Hotwell Tanks & Buffer Tanks.

Storage tanks are all made to the customers’ specific requirements in terms of materials, size, shape, capacity and any connections that are required. We fabricate stainless steel storage tanks and carbon steel storage tanks in single or double skin and fully bonded if required. Tanks range in thickness from 2.5mm and go up to 12mm. Our vessels are shop fabricated up to 4 metres in diameter by 20 metres long and site built up to 15 metres in diameter by 15 metres high.

Tanks can be built with either integral heating and cooling systems or electric and steam heating to reduce carbon emissions, with heating and cooling temperatures ranging from -50 degrees C upwards.

Feed water tanks and Hotwell tanks can be fabricated between 0.5 cubic metres and 60 cubic metres in either stainless steel or carbon steel. The tanks are stiffened and include all necessary manways and nozzles with either flanged or threaded connections. If required, insulation material can be fitted such as Rockwool with cladding in either aluminium, stainless steel or GRP, as well as the availability of a full range of linings to suit each product which can be completed on site.

All storage tanks can be fitted with pipework, valves and tank fittings which can be specifically designed, built and supplied to suit each customers’ specific requirements.

We offer a full service, including storage tank design and manufacture, pipework, access and safety systems, all of which are designed to customer requirements.

Options include:

  • Capacity – Up to 2.5 million litres.
  • Materials & Thickness – Stainless and carbon steel between 2.5mm and 12mm thick.
  • Heating/cooling: Steam heating and water cooling coils and electric heating with temperatures -50 degrees C upwards.
  • Ladders, mixing units, connections, cold water connections, immersion tubes and feed tank connections can also be incorporated.